Membership details

Membership at a race track is the same idea as a membership at a golf course or your local gym. It is designed to give the member additional privileges and access to additional events and dates that you wouldn’t normally get. Rates will vary according to amenities, as we grow so will membership initiation fees. Membership benefits include member only track days and complimentary entry.

SPECIAL DEAL Lifetime = Initiation Fee $15K + Annual Dues $3K (Ideal for: Families = member+spouse+dependents or an Individual)

* Additional $15K is due upon arrival of track #2.

Once Track #2 arrives price of the membership go back up. 


  • Open track days reservation with 24 hour reservation notice
  • Member Service Conceirge
  • VIP invites to special events such as; (Indy 500 and Sema Show)
  • Complimentary gate entry to member and family
  • Complimentary admission to CVR hosted track days (Star Car & Promoter Practice)
  • Unlimited # of Guest Drivers (same driver twice per quarter) $150 fee
  • Complimentary inclusion in (1) approved outside vendor weekend track day when available. Please see our calendar for these dates.
  • RV/Camper Overnight Fees waived
  • Complimentary outdoor storage, garages are available to purchase if you wish to have your vehicle indoors.
  • 15% Discount on driving schools and instructions from CVR's Academy.
  • 15% Discount on CVR apparel
  • Now excepting Motorcycle riders as well, however member MUST cover the ambulance fee for the days they ride. 


store your track Gear here with an ownership of one of our member garages

Just completed!!  1,500 square foot member garage for purchase at the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center, CA. The member garages are 30 feet by 50 feet with a full 30 foot bi-fold door for easy access. Each garage has a private ADA restroom with shower. Building A is SOLD OUT, however we are now taking reservations and deposits for the next set of garages Building B.